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Signs, Banners, Labels, Stickers, Decals, Magnets



          Signs are probably one of the most important marketing tools today and there is a great variety of signs available.


Our experts can advise you if you are not sure what type of sign, banner, label, sticker, decal or magnet to use.
There are different substrates used for signs:


  • Chromadek signs - a thin, but strong steel based sign for long-term use
  • ABS signs - a strong, lightweight but durable "plastic" for medium - to long term signs
  • Correx signs - an extremely light weight material for short term signs



  Magnets - there are two types of magnetic signs:



  • Vehicle magnets
  • Fridge magnets - fridge magnets make excellent corporate gifts.


Sometimes one does not wants a less permanent solution to brand a vehicle. Our high quality vehicle magnets are just what you need.

Vehicle magnets are easy to use and when not needed the magnets can easily be removed.
You can even transfer the magnet to another vehicle, if needed.
Magnets are long lasting and magnets give value for money.

Need fridge magnets for super long lasting marketing? We also do fridge magnets.
Why use ordinary business cards when a business card size fridge magnets will be saved by your clients for years to come?

Fridge magnets are a great way to remind people about a special event like a wedding or birthday. Afterwards the magnets becomes a wonderful memento of your great event.



Our experts will gladly advise you on what would best suit your specific needs regarding vehicle magnets or fridge magnets.

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Pull Up or Roll Up banners offer a lightweight, durable and versatile indoor branding solution. While they may be used outdoors they are not intended to       withstand all weather conditions.

Their effective design makes them portable, straightforward to set-up and easy to store or travel with. Pull up banners also work very well in association with other classic banners, such as the pop-up banner or A-frame banner.


 roll-upbanner         Banner fence



The size of the non-curl PVC print area is 2000mm high by 850mm wide. They smoothly retract into the base and slide into a carry bag. There are 2 choices of Pull Up banner bases:

• Regular
• Executive

Should you have more space available or be in the market for something more substantial, then perhaps a Banner Wall or Wall Banner, or even Sharkfin or Telescopic banners may suit your needs better.

Pull Up Banners or Roll Up banners are fantastic free standing banner display stands that are easily erected and dismantled in seconds. We have carefully selected a range of the best banner stands, roller displays and Roll Up and retractable systems from a range of banner stand manufacturers.

All our banner display stands have been chosen for portability, ease of use, durability and value for money. With the flood of banner stands on the market choosing the most suitable banner stand display for your next exhibition can be confusing. Make it easy; call our experts for free advice.



Stickers, Decals, Labels

   We make stickers, labels and decals - any size, any shape, any quantity.
   Brand your products with our high quality vinyl stickers and labels.
   Stickers and labels are often the first chance to make an impression on your client.
   We make sure your stickers and labels make a lasting first impression.

   Full colour decals have an outdoor life span of 3 - 5 years in South Africa.

   Again, we can print as few or as many stickers, labels or decals as you may need.

   We also do sandblast-effect decals.



Businesses, guest houses, hotels, spas, beauty salons, special occasions, home industries and estate agents all make use of our stickers and labels.

Our stickers are waterproof, and the colour of our stickers are colour fast.

Stickers are a perfect way to create long term advertising for your business without spending a fortune.

Hotels, guest houses, spas and beauty salons can print customized labels to brand their hospitality gifts.
Again, we can print as few or as many labels as you need.

Need customized labels for champagne bottles or labels for wine bottles or labels for water bottles for a special occasion?

Let us take care of all your label needs.




We also make stickers and decals for outdoor use.
Our stickers and decals have an expected lifespan of 3 - 5 years in South Africa.


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