In the many years that we have been in the printing business, we have so often seen how time and money is wasted simply because there are a few basic principles of the printing process that clients are unaware of. Therefore, in this FAQ section, we will try to explain these terms to you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “bleed” in the printing industry?

Bleed is one of the most important concepts …. Read more

What is meant by a low or high resolution image?

Resolution values are expressed as …. Read more

Book cover design

How do I design a cover for a book so that it is the correct size and print ready?

For the purpose of this exercise …. Read more

Paper sizes

What is the difference between an A4 and A5?

A4 size is the one we all know best …. Read more

Sheets vs Pages

Is there even a difference?

The answer is “Yes, there is a difference – especially when …. Read more


What do we need from you?

Firstly, this would very much depend on …. Read more


What binding should I choose for my book or project?

Do you get confused by the different binding methods? Read more

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